ALMONO Site and Gentrification

Land use experts optimistic about proposed redevelopment of LTV site in Hazelwood by By Andrew Goldstein / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette February February 26, 2015 
Almono is comprised of four foundations who own the land came together for this multi million dollar development project. The youtube video below is an overview of the ALMONO site.
National Experts to Provide Free Consultation on Almono Redevelopment Plan By Liz Reid Feb 24, 2015 WESA 90.5Gentrification’s insidious violence: The truth about American cities Too many claim white people are at risk in communities of color. Really, it’s those communities that are threatened Written by Daniel José Older posted on Salon Tuesday, Apr 8, 2014

Is ‘Sustainable’ Urban Placemaking Elitist?  Written by Dean Saitta posted on Intercultural Urbanism November 12, 2013

“For whom are we trying to create benefit when implementing our creative placemaking strategies?…Which people do we want to gather, visit, and live in vibrant places?  Is it just some people?   Is it already well-off people?   Is it traditionally excluded people? Is it poor people? New people? People of color? ….We need to create an explicit pro-equity agenda to our creative placemaking efforts, be explicit about who benefits from the beginning, put it in our logical models and include it in our measurement.” —Neeraj Mehta






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