Terrell was raised by his mother Vanessa along with his two brothers Antwan and Robert He is the youngest of the three. They grew up on the East side of Pittsburgh  in 1984 after getting a job at Kane hospital the moved to  Hazelwood.

By the late 80’s crack cocaine had become a major problem and Hazelwood after the mills shut down was Hazelwood was one of  the many communities that began to fill the effects.

Terrell was never the type to hang in crowds he was always quiet ver respectful even when it came to people in the community that fell on hard times due to drug use he was never the type to look down on a person just because they did drugs.

He attending middle school outside the immunity and went to Allderdice High school, by the time he was 16 his first child was born a daughter and by the time he was 19 he had two boys, met his now wife who had five children, and was arrested and charged with Capital murder.

After Terrell Johnson was tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison with  out the possibility of parole his now wife Saundra who was growing more and more frustrated with the lack of help where community and leadership was concerned. Saundra who was at the time working for a none profit organization called youth places went to visit Terrell at the state correctional institution SCI Greene and shared with him what the spirit of god was laying on her heart in terms of starting he her own non profit organization.

Terrell who was at the time sentenced  to spend the rest of his life in prison had become some what of a resource for Saundra, she would send him all the information about nonprofits and how they function and he would relay back to her all the steps she needed to take in order to create the org.. at some point Saundra and Terrell both understood that the name would have to be more of a statement  more so the just some fictitious name and so god put on Terrell’s heart the Name P.O.O.R L.A.W which stands for  and so People Of Origin Rightfully Loved and Wanted was birthed.

People of Origin Rightfully Loved and Wanted (P.O.O.R.L.A.W.) Is all about standing up for what’s no matter what the cost.When it comes to community building bridges that connect to a better way of living those who are apart of PL are willing to give of what they have and what we don’t have we are willing to do what ever we can to supply that need.

Saundra Cole is a mother, wife and a all around true definition of a women of God. When called into action to fight on behalf of truth and justice she did not hesitate but jump to action.

Saundra Cole who grew up in Hazelwood along with her four brothers and little sister





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