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P.O.O.R.L.A.W (People of Origin Rightfully Loved and Wanted) is a non-profit organization that is based in the Greater Hazelwood area. P.O.O.R.L.A.W is a community-based organization that encourages community, leadership, ownership, friendship, invested interest in the future of our children, and supports Hazelwood’s growth into a thriving, safe and enjoyable, place to live and raise families.


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As a Member of P.O.O.R.L.A.W. you have the opportunity to share in our core values that guide each generation of leadership inside of the community including Integrity, Empowerment, Good Stewardship, Equality, Resiliency, and Excellence. With P.O.O.R.L.A.W you can take pride in supporting a community based non-profit organization, that allows you the chance to take advantage of renowned services.

Learn more about what P.O.O.R.L.A.W. can do for you, download the Benefits of a Membership package.