The Sister Circle is a female mentoring group that meets twice a month for young women ages 5 and up. We encourage young women to use their voices and build self esteem. We create connections which are healthy and therefore lift all of us up! Our activities include guest speakers, field trips, life skills, health and fitness, art, healthy relationship and parenting skills for young mothers.




poorlaw at summit


Boyz to Menz is a mentoring program for the young men in our community. The school to prison pipeline stops here. Formerly incarcerated men share there stories, life experiences and mentorship. Meeting twice a month we build up personal development, life skill, love, respect, financial literacy, moral values, resume building, job training, and sex ed.





Wisdom to Sprouts is literacy program that brings together the wisdom of our elders to be shared with our youth, our future. Designed to enhance reading skills on all levels, twice a month we bring youth to the Hazelwood Towers Senior Center where they interact through books and arts crafts. Bridging the gap between seniors and youth in the Hazelwood community fostering love respect and accountability.


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